Blogtober16 – Day 14 – What’s in a Name?

I’ve been AWOL from Blogtober for a few days because life, but today I’m back!

Today’s blog prompt is ‘the meaning behind my blog name’.  This blog is still very new – I set it up for two reasons: I wanted to take part in Blogtober, but my other blog isn’t really suitable, so I thought I could start a new one.  This also coincided with a major life change in me giving up work to become a full-time carer and stay-at-home mum, so I wanted to be able to blog about that too.

I was quickly trying to set up the new blog, but you can’t do it without a name, so I was wracking my brains to think of something that represented my new life as a SAHM.  I tried a few things out, but they didn’t sound quite right, and then I hit upon ‘School Runs and Shopping Trolleys’, as that pretty much sums up life right now!

With Small only doing mornings at Nursery, I am up and down to the school three times a day.  And when I’m not there, there’s a good chance I’ll be shopping, as staying in the house isn’t always appealing and I’ve usually run our of bread/milk/biscuits/wine.

So, yeah, that’s it really! No big, deep and meaningful story. Just a rush-job brainstorm!


4 thoughts on “Blogtober16 – Day 14 – What’s in a Name?

  1. I think this is pretty much my life too school runs and taking my three kids shopping in the super market (We some how end up having to go shopping practically every day). #Blogtober

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