Blogtober16 – Day 7 – What Made You Start Blogging?

I first began blogging ten years ago. It’s still around on the interwebs – I just looked. I haven’t written on it since 2007! I just wanted somewhere to write down all the random thoughts in my head, to try to give them some sort of coherence, and I guess that’s why I blog now.

My first blog was about life and papercrafting, which is what I did in my spare time B.K (Before Kids). I don’t have a lot of that any more, and the papercrafting ended when I had to turn my ‘studio’ into a nursery. I loved that blog. Each post title was the title of an 80s song. Groovy.

I returned to blogging last year, when my daughter was diagnosed with autism. I wanted a way to get my feelings down and knew that blogging was that way. I also set up a Facebook page linked to the blog and now have over 800 ‘likers’, which is, frankly, amazing. I have had people message me to tell me that they have found my blog and page informative and supportive and that it’s nice to know there’s others out there going through the same thing. I am humbled by this; I never thought my own ramblings would mean so much to others.

And now I have this, shiny new blog. This one I started because of the change of direction my life has suddenly taken, with giving up work. I wanted somewhere to write things that aren’t about autism and special needs. Somewhere to write about anything and everything else. So here we are!



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