Blogtober16 – Day 2 – An Old Photo of You


It’s really not the most flattering photo of me. There I am, gob open wide singing goodness-knows-what on the karaoke (probably Dancing Queen or Nikita – those have stuck in my memory!) on holiday in Majorca in 2000. Wearing too much unnatural fibre and with bad blonde highlights in my newly-short hair.

But it’s what this photo represents that I love. This photo represents freedom.  This was my first-ever ‘girly’ holiday with my friend at the grand old age of 23.  I’d come out of the relationship from hell about 18 months before and back then, the idea of going abroad with a friend was a very distant dream that I thought would never, ever happen.

I actually look quite slim in the photo; again, this is something I thought I’d never be, after being several stones heavier just a couple of years before. And I’m wearing what I want. Yay me!

I look like I’m having fun, don’t I?  I was. I was singing my heart out, and must have been drunk as it’s not something I’d do sober in public, despite it being one of my biggest ambitions. It was a good holiday – lots of sun, drink, lads chatting us up and Only Fools and Horses on repeat in our favourite bar (the one across from the apartments – not too far to stagger home). It was my first and last girly holiday, and I’m glad I got to do it. Holidays with children are a very different thing!


2 thoughts on “Blogtober16 – Day 2 – An Old Photo of You

  1. What lovely memories! I remember going on a girly holiday with my best friend singing very bad karaoke and staggering home too (although I don’t think I have any photos to prove it!) #Blogtober

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